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RevOps: Buy vs. Build?

Join us on June 20th to learn how to understand how to transform your revenue generating function, and what investment decisions should be made to get there quickly and cost-effectively.

ayeQ is RevOps Simplified

ayeQ helps B2B enterprises grow faster by optimizing revenue operations – the process dedicated to corporate growth. ayeQ aligns leadership, marketing, sales, and operational teams around a deliberate, collaborative growth strategy, translates that strategy into an executable model automatically, directs the activities of the growth teams, and measures performance in real time to rapidly optimize resources. Now you can see exactly what your sales and marketing investment is producing, and continuously improve the output. 

Driving the Complete RevOps Cycle

ayeQ supports the growth cycle from strategy creation to cross-functional execution to closed-loop performance feedback. With built-in workflows and pre-configured optimization scenarios, ayeQ guides the B2B executive based on decades of best practices for the high-growth enterprise.

Growth strategy is created using best-practice workflows and templates. The result is a focused, metrics-based plan to guide the entire organization’s activities.

Growth strategy is automatically translated into a model for execution based on a standardized, end-to-end RevOps process. Metrics for predictable revenue growth are calculated, and goals are aligned across teams.

Marketing and sales plans are linked to the defined growth strategy, focusing and aligning growth team activities. As marketing programs and sales cycles are executed, performance is tracked against the model in real time. 

As RevOps performance is tracked, the growth team can continuously improve the plan based on actual results. Early warnings allow rapid intervention to avoid revenue shortfalls. Bookings results are accurately predicted, and accelerated growth is sustained.

GROWTH Simplified

Our team of strategists meet you where you are – simplifying the journey to faster growth.

ayeQ’s software-enabled services are designed to help you get to predictable revenue faster and easier. ayeQ is a team of engineering, marketing, product management and sales professionals. Our intent, during any engagement, is to provide services that get you to your ideal state quickly and to partner in a way that sustains and empowers your existing team.

Real Results

Across industries, the ayeQ process has driven dramatic results, including multi-fold growth and strategic transactions.
We measure our success by your business results – always with speed in mind.


(recurring revenue)
in 1 year

lead flow
within 6 months

cost per lead
decreased 90%
over 9 months

superior placement
on gartner magic

$7.5M in incremental
license revenue
through product

inside sales
effectiveness doubled
in 90 days

call-to-meeting rate
tripled over 3 months

customer conference
generated $10M in
upsell revenue

successful acquisition
1 year earlier

branding and new
markets lead to
successful ipo

developed solution
strategy to trigger

Transforming tactical CRM and marketing automation systems into a unified, strategy-driven platform.

ayeQ directs the configuration of your underlying customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation systems, transforming data stored in these tactical systems into performance feedback – closing the loop in the strategy cycle. With ayeQ, you have a real-time roadmap for growth that adjusts automatically based on changes in the market.

ayeQ integrates with all major sales and marketing automation systems.

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