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The Growth Platform


Enable Your Teams to Win Together

With your teams’ plans and goals aligned, everyone knows the part they play and what signifies success. No more wasted time and resources working on things that don’t really matter.

Run your Teams with Purpose

ayeQ keeps everyone in the organization focused on the things that matter the most – the strategic direction that will accelerate the company’s growth. With the strategic context continuously reinforced, the everyday work across teams create a powerful coherence that brings teams together.

Weekly Strategy Management

Strategic direction remains front and center every week, with your leadership team delivering updates focused on their primary strategic objectives. Performance across all strategic metrics are automatically populated in the ayeQ dashboard, and weekly update templates focus your leadership team on items that are important for executive collaboration.

Leadership Team Meetings

Based on the weekly update templates, an agenda for the weekly leadership team meeting is automatically created. The agenda streamlines your weekly leadership team meetings, focusing your most valuable assets on issues of importance for the company. ayeQ tracks the outcome of the weekly leadership team meetings, including action items, due dates, and parking lot items, supporting team accountability, and timely response.

Campaign Planning

Marketing uses its framework for messaging and targeting to create their marketing programs and campaigns. Tracking all the characteristics of these campaigns allows the performance, as reported from the marketing automation system, to be evaluated and marketing investment optimized. Marketing efforts are completely synchronized with qualification and sales follow up so true contribution to pipeline is measured.

Have Meetings that Matter

ayeQ’s management methodology keeps leadership teams focused on the things that matter most. Learn more about Strategy Management.

Optimize Your Constrained Resources

If you are a high-growth business, chances are you never have enough resources to do everything you’d like to do. Using ayeQ, you can make sure you focus on the things that will accelerate your growth.