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The Growth Platform


Get Real Strategic Alignment

Even the most brilliant strategy won’t help your company grow if your teams don’t act on it. Align everyone with your strategy – and ensure their plans reflect the intent of your leadership team.

Put Your Strategy into Action

ayeQ gives the context of strategy to your team’s planning process, ensuring they understand the big picture. The ayeQ activation process allows your teams to collaborate on the most important aspects of their plans, guided with workflows to keep them on track.

Management Activation

Your executive leaders define the priorities for their respective teams based on the strategic plan. On a quarterly basis, strategic imperatives are determined that will move their department towards the strategic initiatives they have committed to. Owners, due dates, and key performance indicators provide accountability and real-time tracking of progress.

Sales Activation

The entire marketing to sales process is defined in this module, with hand-off criteria, service-level agreements, and sales cycle stages and milestones. The sales pipeline is then modeled using ayeQ’s booking model, which reveals what your pipeline should look like at any given time in order to hit your bookings targets. These metrics will be tracked in real time, and will provide the foundation for predictable revenue generation.

Marketing Activation

Marketing uses the strategic attributes defined by the leadership team to form their marketing plans, messaging, target markets, and target personas. The focus achieved through this alignment allows marketing efforts to be more focused, and ensures lead generation efforts will match the needs of sales.

Cross-Functional Goals

Having established plans across the organization, cross-functional goals are calculated and aligned. Your leadership team now knows what success must look like to have a high probability of hitting growth targets.

Get to Predictable Revenue

Learn more about the ayeQ bookings model, and how it can tell you whether you are on track for bookings.

ayeQ is your Early Warning System for Sales

Understand whether your current performance will get you to your bookings targets – early enough to course correct. See exactly where your weaknesses are so you can make the right investments.