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The Growth Platform


Getting to Better Strategy – Continuously

High-growth entities must learn quickly what is working and what isn’t, so they can adjust and optimize their constrained resources. What strategy attributes are producing the fastest pipeline growth? Where is my sales process weak? Which marketing programs are returning real revenue? ayeQ answers these questions, and more.

Optimize Your Strategy for Faster Growth

You’ve set a good strategy, but market dynamics change. With ayeQ, you can often detect market changes before they become obvious. ayeQ acts as your early warning system, giving you visibility into early pipeline shifts that allow you to focus your response proactively.

Strategy Performance

Understand what attributes of your strategy are making the most impact on pipeline growth. Redirecting resources where pipeline growth is the highest is a proven way to accelerate your overall business growth. ayeQ, having componentized strategy, gives you visibility into aspects of your market you may not have considered.

Model Performance

Through ayeQ’s proprietary bookings model, you have established goals for every stage of your sales, qualification, and marketing process. Seeing where your actual performance measures against your goals allows you to quickly focus on areas that need attention.

Sales Performance

See the “why” behind sales performance, not just canned sales analytics. ayeQ reveals sales performance from a strategic lens, allowing you to see what exactly is causing changes in your pipeline growth. Understanding differences in the forecast of the sales reps versus the ayeQ model allows you to focus on the right support for each rep.

Marketing Performance

Marketing resources should be continuously optimized based on the performance of various campaigns and tactics. But leading indicators, like lead flow by campaign, tell only part of the story. ayeQ allows you to track marketing leads all the way to bookings, so you can optimize efforts based on real return.

See the “why” in your performance

Learn how ayeQ goes beyond typical sales and marketing analytics to give you the “why” behind your performance, tying everything back to strategy.

ayeQ is Your Early Warning System for Predictable Revenue

Using the ayeQ model of your strategy and pipeline, you can detect very quickly whether something is going wrong in your sales process – in time to make a difference.