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Develop Your Engine for Rapid Growth

When partnering with companies facing stalled sales growth, we typically find a single commonality: these organizations do not have processes and an infrastructure in place to optimize marketing and sales efforts, and to measure their progression to revenue. ayeQ’s platform and team help you build the engine that will allow you to scale efficiently, measure results, and continuously optimize performance. Without it, your greatest growth plans will sit on the shelf. Proper systems and consistent execution are critical in aligning all functions towards a unified, jointly owned pipeline that is deliberately built, measured, and optimized.


With a single, jointly owned bookings pipeline, you gain complete alignment across teams and can set clear goals to successfully hit your bookings target. The first step is defining a process that will be consistently followed from marketing to inside sales to sales. Everyone in these functions must commit to the process – so ideally, they are all involved in defining it. Your process should include successful and unsuccessful stages, feedback loops, handoff protocol, qualification criteria, and more. ayeQ helps you make sure your process is solid, documented, and collaborative.


ayeQ integrates with nearly all customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation systems, and builds on these tactical systems to create a unified, strategy-driven platform. If you don’t have these in place already, our team can help you select the best system for your needs and implement them. If you do have systems in place today, but they are cumbersome or haven’t scaled well with your business over the years, our team can make these systems work for you.


Just as a strategy is useless if it isn’t executed, a system is useless if it isn’t architected and configured strategically. Our team ensures your investment in CRM and marketing automation systems is meaningful and drives real results. ayeQ helps build your processes into your systems, and build tracking for pipeline model characteristics. We ensure your marketing automation system is optimally connected with your CRM, and that all your digital channels are integrated with your marketing automation system. Importantly, we’ll help you maintain the infrastructure and keep your data clean and accurate so your systems will serve your organization for years to come.


Create an engine that gives you complete visibility into what’s working and what’s not – and why.

Transforming tactical CRM and marketing automation systems into a unified, strategy-driven platform.

ayeQ is easy to integrate, and transforms data stored in your systems today into performance feedback – successfully closing the loop in the strategy cycle.

ayeQ: The Growth Platform™

ayeQ is the first and only strategy automation platform, built to optimize revenue operations for the high-growth B2B enterprise. ayeQ aligns leadership, sales, marketing, and operational teams around a collaborative growth strategy, translates that strategy into an executable model automatically, and continuously improves performance.