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The Growth Platform


AI-Enabled RevOps for Faster Growth

ayeQ is the first and only strategy automation platform, built to optimize revenue operations for the high-growth B2B enterprise. The ayeQ platform aligns leadership, sales, marketing, and operational teams around a collaborative growth strategy, translates that strategy into an executable model automatically, and continuously improves performance.

Driving the Complete Strategy Cycle

ayeQ supports the strategy cycle from initial creation to cross-functional execution to closed-loop performance feedback. With built-in workflows and pre-configured optimization scenarios, ayeQ guides the B2B executive based on decades of best practices for the high-growth enterprise.

Go-to-market strategy is created using strategy workflows and templates. The entire leadership team collaborates on the vision for the company and the annual strategic plan, including bookings targets, growth targets, and strategic initiatives. This strategy is committed in the system, and aligns priorities and focus across the organization. ​

Strategy is activated by translating the strategic priorities into actionable goals across the company. Sales and marketing process is defined, sales pipeline is modeled, and metrics for predictable revenue achievement are established. Solution messaging, prospect personas, and target markets are derived from the go-to-market strategy. Resources, targets, and goals are completely aligned. ​

Marketing uses the strategic attributes defined by the leadership team to form their marketing plans, messaging, target markets, and target personas. The focus achieved through this alignment allows marketing efforts to be more focused, and ensures lead generation efforts will match the needs of sales. ​

Having established plans across the organization, cross-functional goals are calculated and aligned. Your leadership team now knows what success must look like to have a high probability of hitting growth targets. ​

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The Growth Platform is a modular solution that grows with you. Get enterprise-level marketing and sales performance in weeks, not months.

Transforming tactical CRM and marketing automation systems into an AI-enabled RevOps platform

ayeQ directs the configuration of your underlying CRM and marketing automation system, transforming data stored in these tactical systems into performance feedback – closing the loop in the strategy cycle. With ayeQ, you have a real-time roadmap for growth that adjusts automatically based on changes in the market.

ayeQ integrates with all major CRM and marketing automation systems.