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The Growth Platform


Growth Strategy that Works

The ayeQ team has decades of experience creating go-to-market strategies and RevOps processes that have driven dramatic growth. The most important components of that strategy development methodology have been automated within ayeQ. Get the expertise of strategic business consultants in a platform that makes it come to life.

Create Your Strategy

Using workflows and templates, the ayeQ platform directs your leadership team on the process of strategy creation. All the elements of a solid strategic plan are laid out for collaboration, and committed in the system. This strategy will guide each group within your organization – ensuring alignment and action.

Strategic Foundation

There are a set of guiding principles that define your company and chart its path for years to come. Make sure your organization knows and understands these principles, so everyone will align with your vision, mission, values, and brand definition.

Revenue Streams

Using the ayeQ market-oriented definition of revenue streams, your leadership team can target markets they believe will foster growth. Using ayeQ’s workflows, your team is led through the right series of questions to ensure they are defining solutions from the market need perspective – a critical step in getting to a great value proposition, and focusing the efforts of your business.

Strategic Plan

For each defined revenue stream, your leadership team sets its bookings and growth targets for the organization. In addition, Strategic Initiatives are defined that will enable faster, more efficient growth. Strategy is all about focusing on things your organization will do differently. A complete strategic plan is defined in the system, and your leadership team commits to the plan on an annual basis. Everything in the platform flows from this plan.

How does Strategy Automation work?

Read our Strategy Automation blog to understand the power of the ayeQ strategy creation process.

ayeQ Sets You on a Path for Growth

ayeQ workflows represent a proven methodology for defining strategy that will position you for accelerated growth. Whether you are an emerging company or a mature company that has stagnated, you will experience the discipline of focusing on a strategy that elicits true market response.