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RevOps best practices in minutes

The CRO on RevOps

Hear from Greg Jones, CRO at Bizzdesign, who has experienced the RevOps transformation. Greg gives you his perspective on the impact RevOps has had on his organization, and how you should expect your organization to change.

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Managing BDRs with RevOps

A RevOps platform helps you manage your BDR team based on meaningful targets. Manage activity levels and understand how each BDR performs on conversion rate, pipeline generated, and closed-won revenue contribution.

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Marketing Optimization with RevOps

See how a RevOps platform provides visibility into marketing performance from top of funnel to closed deal. Optimize marketing investment to drive higher-value deals that are more likely to close – faster.

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RevOps Target Setting

See how RevOps modeling is used to set meaningful RevOps targets that align marketing and sales. Fact-based, performance-driven goals enable strategic decision making for resource optimization across the RevOps team.

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Aligning the RevOps Team

See how a RevOps platform sets goals that aligns the entire growth team. From go-to-market planning to sales and marketing targets at each step of the RevOps process, a strategic RevOps platform continually aligns teams to create a culture for high growth.

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2021 Leadership Team Meetings: A Strategic Redesign

Tune in to the podcast to hear how a strategic redesign of your leadership team meeting can help you move away from mere status updates to identifying barriers to achieving your goals and actively developing solutions to remove those barriers as a team.

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Strategy Automation: Aligning and Executing Strategy across Remote Teams

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