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The Superpower of RevOps


A mature RevOps engine predicts sales performance and drives improvement actions.

If you are a B2B company that has been running a mature RevOps engine for at least the length of your longest sales cycle, you already know if you will hit your bookings this year. And if you are off target, you know where to focus first to recover. This is the superpower of RevOps.

What questions can a mature RevOps engine answer?

  • Based on current performance, what will my bookings be this year?
  • Where can I alter performance to improve bookings by 10%?
  • How many salespeople do I need? Where are my current salespeople wasting effort?
  • How much do I need to invest in marketing to generate the correct level of lead flow?
  • What’s at risk and what needs attention (stuck pipeline, deals, sales process, sales reps, execution, pipeline generation…)?
  • Where are the opportunities to increase revenue? Where can I / should I make investments (increase density, optimize territories, open new markets, etc.)

What sales number should I commit to the board?

We often think only underperformance in sales, or misses, is bad news to the board. But accuracy is actually the metric that demonstrates discipline in and control over the business.

But what do we mean by “mature” RevOps?

A mature RevOps function has some critical characteristics.

  • Clear definition of revenue streams – the offering/market combination that groups sales opportunities with common characteristics
  • A standard RevOps process that is followed consistently by all participants
  • A model of performance that sets aligned targets across the RevOps team – marketing to business development to sales to services to customer success and renewals
  • Analytics that compare actual performance to model target
  • Actionable key performance insights to optimize resource allocation over time and drive capital efficiency

Even companies that have a RevOps platform but don’t support it with the right coaching, process, and adoption programs will fail to experience the superpower of RevOps.

Gartner predicts 75% of the highest growth companies in the world will deploy a RevOps model by 2025. It makes sense because companies that use a RevOps approach grow faster than their peers who don’t. They also experience a host of other benefits – like sales forecasting precision, improved investor relationships, budgeting transparency, and a more collaborative culture across sales and marketing.

Find out more about how ayeQ is pioneering mature RevOps, with a complete solution of coaching, process/model development, and directional analytics tailored to your business.

RevOps Modeling

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