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AI-Enabled Revenue Operations (RevOps)


If you are in a high-growth B2B company, there will come a time when you need to add structure and standardization to your growth team to accelerate and sustain your growth. Revenue growth is, indeed, a process that can be refined and perfected. Yet most high-growth B2B companies don’t have the luxury of time to develop and refine processes. So, they end up in a cycle of erratic sales performance, investing in various programs and resources in the hopes of finding the right combination to build pipeline quickly.

Fortunately, these companies can get a pre-configured platform that gets them to high-performance RevOps in just 30 days. Here are the key elements of the platform, ayeQ, that take a Sales and Marketing function to enterprise-level performance – fast.

Clearly Defined, Best Practice RevOps Process

Using workflows and best practices, ayeQ enables sales and marketing leadership to develop a single, end-to-end revenue generation process, from marketing to qualification to sales. The process includes not only the stages and steps of the process, but the critical elements that ensure the process will be followed consistently – criteria for moving from stage to stage, qualification criteria, handoff agreements (e.g., within how many business days sales is expected to follow up on a qualified opportunity).

A Model for Performance

Using the defined standard process, ayeQ automatically creates a model for pipeline generation, and the delivery requirements for each team. For example, for each quarter, you will clearly see how many opportunities you need in each stage of the sales process, how many qualified opportunities need to be delivered to sales, and how many leads marketing needs to generate. This model also shows you how many resources you need, based on what a single resource is able to manage.

Aligned Direction

Using the model for performance, the entire team sees their contribution to revenue growth. If everyone hits their goals, and the model is correct, the company will hit its sales targets. This shared ownership, as well as the alignment to the strategic direction, is proven to align teams.

Analytics for Transparency and Optimization

Using the model and actual performance data (integrated from CRM and Marketing Automation systems), the company can predict what their bookings will be well in advance. If actual performance is below the model, executives can clearly see the areas that need to be addressed and take action early. Analytics also shows the components of the plans that are causing faster pipeline growth. Executives now understand the value of various investment alternatives and can optimize their resources to accelerate pipeline growth.


These are the fundamental components of getting to more predictable, sustained, accelerated revenue growth. ayeQ was built for this purpose – to deliver a mature revenue operations platform that B2B companies can snap in – simplifying the path to faster growth.

See how you can transform your RevOps team into a high-performance growth engine quickly. Watch this 30-minute webinar or contact us.