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Interview: Bizzdesign’s RevOps Success


We recently sat down with the Chief Revenue Officer of Bizzdesign, Greg Jones, and their RevOps leader, Christoph Risch, to learn about their experience as they have created a disciplined RevOps function. Here are a few takeaways from our interview:

RevOps has created predictability – Bizzdesign has hit 28 of 30 quarters

Greg Jones: “For me as CRO, there’s been many “aha” moments on our journey, but there have also been those moments for our board of directors and our executive team. I’m getting ready to close out my 30th quarter here. I’ve missed 2 quarters out of those 30. We’ve done that with a ± 5% to 8% variance. That’s not because we’re that good, it’s because the discipline applied towards RevOps has allowed us to apply a model with a large enough pipeline that we are highly accurate. At the CRO level, to have that level of predictability, especially in a sales environment that has long sales cycles and bookings can be very lumpy, is unheard of.

In fact, our board has said they run 30 portfolio companies, and they’ve never seen that level of consistency in the market. I attribute a lot of that to Christoph and the discipline with which he defined and implemented the RevOps process with ayeQ.”

RevOps has changed the culture at Bizzdesign

Greg Jones: “Probably the central question to ask is what has happened culturally at Bizzdesign. Even in contrast to my past experience at companies like Cisco and Dell, many organizations lack an accountability model. Without a clear picture for everyone to align with, people don’t know what to expect or even how to talk to each other. At Bizzdesign, we can set expectations clearly, know when we have a stop light green/yellow/red, where we are at any point in time relative to our current pipeline to target. When everyone sees exactly what needs to be done, there is definitely a cultural shift and a much better sense of teamwork and alignment.”

RevOps provides a roadmap of performance

Greg Jones: “RevOps and ayeQ help us reverse engineer our required performance levels from our bookings and growth goals, and validate our year-over-year assumptions. The top-down business plan that RevOps gives us provides a picture of what investments will be required, what resources we need, and what every team needs to deliver. Modeling in this way requires knowledge of historic win rates, cycle time, sales velocity, pipeline size, and growth performance, along with some other dynamics. Using that intelligence, we use our models to look at the likelihood and risk of getting from point A to point B.”

ayeQ takes RevOps modeling to the next level

Christoph Risch: “Well, we’ve established that you must have a metrics-based RevOps model to achieve the level of discipline and predictability that we’ve described. You can do a lot with Excel or even homegrown SQL databases, but there’s a steep learning curve. You’re going to spend a lot of time, you’re going to make a lot of mistakes, and it’s not very repeatable. If you’ve got more than a one-product company and more than two revenue streams, it’s almost impossible to do RevOps modeling in Excel. It breaks, and you can’t keep all of this in your head. ayeQ takes revenue modeling with the sales velocity concept to the next level.”

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