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RevOps: Accelerating Both Sales Growth and Margin for B2B Companies


Applying science to the revenue operations function (generally comprising revenue/go-to-market planning, marketing, inside sales, sales, and account management functions) provides a host of benefits for both the top line and the bottom line of a B2B company. A RevOps foundation is proven to accelerate revenue growth by systematically guiding the organization toward the fastest path to sales, and executing a consistent process for better performance.

At ayeQ, we’ve taken this a step further. We use our RevOps model not only to define required pipeline and lead goals, but also to calculate the staff required to hit those goals. How often have you heard questions like these:

  • How many sales reps do we need?
  • How many deals should each rep be managing at any given time?
  • How many inside sales reps do we need?
  • How many calls and emails should an inside sales rep make in a day?

Answering these questions was a natural extension of the ayeQ RevOps model. Because the model calculates how many opportunities need to be present at every step of the RevOps process, we can use capacity planning inputs to calculate the number of resources required to produce the necessary output.

Using the ayeQ Staffing Model capabilities, Chief Revenue Officers and other sales leaders have validation of their financial plan, including justification of sales and inside sales hiring levels. Personally, I’ve seen multiple B2B software organizations hire high-priced sales executives, only to burn through cash unnecessarily. The entire RevOps philosophy prevents that – it is the alternative to investing in sales and marketing and hoping for sales growth. It calculates the entire path to growth and removes the guesswork.

At the same time, RevOps analytics continuously optimizes marketing spend toward the channels and tactics that produce the best opportunities – either larger opportunities or higher velocity opportunities – that are most likely to close. Because we follow deals through the process – from first marketing touch to deal close – we can use multiple marketing attribution models to reveal the true marketing contribution to revenue. Now you know exactly what you are getting from your marketing investment and, more importantly, exactly what you need to invest to hit your growth targets.

I love the impact RevOps has on accelerating sales growth for B2B companies. But I also love the efficiency that is produced by growing sales per dollar invested into the RevOps function. RevOps is driving deliberate growth in an efficient, calculated way… and it’s the way other corporate functions have operated for decades. While this is the way I have managed the B2B growth function since I crossed over from engineering to marketing/sales, I’m excited that the visibility RevOps is getting in the market is bringing this approach to more companies. And I believe the way we approach RevOps at ayeQ is the leanest, most consumable way for companies to transform their growth function. It truly changes the way companies think about growth.