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ayeQ Answers: Align Marketing and Sales Goals


As you move into the next fiscal year, you are probably solidifying your marketing, inside sales and sales goals. And you’re probably asking yourself – are these the right goals? How many marketing leads need to feed the inside sales team to produce the required number of opportunities in our pipeline? How can I align Marketing and Sales goals to achieve our 2024 targets?

Often B2B executives set these targets by simply increasing the goals from the previous year. This is where RevOps modeling shines. The RevOps model reveals exactly how many opportunities need to exist in your pipeline at any given time, and uses conversion rates and growth goals to calculate the required number of leads and new opportunities required earlier in the funnel.

Now you don’t have to guess at aligning your Marketing and Sales goals. They are calculated based on your annual bookings targets and growth goals. If each team hits their goals, and your model is correct, you will achieve your bookings targets. And that model reveals a lot more as you execute sales and marketing during the year.

ayeQ Models the Opportunity Pipeline

ayeQ Revops models create a complete picture of what your pipeline needs to look like at any given time – adjusted for sales cycle time and annual growth. If your pipelike looks like this, and the model is correct, you will hit your bookings.

RevOps Modeling

ayeQ Uses Your Model to Calculate Marketing and Inside Sales Goals

The ayeQ Opportunity Model tells you how many new opportunities need to feed your pipeline each quarter. Using marketing and inside sales conversion rates, ayeQ then calculates the required number of potential opportunities that need to be offered to Sales for acceptance, and the number of leads that need to be fed to your inside sales/business development team to produce that number of potential opportunities.

RevOps Pipeline Size Targets

Find out more about how ayeQ can help you align your Marketing and Sales goals to hit your numbers every time.

“I’ve missed 2 quarters out of 30, and our forecast accuracy has a ± 5% to 8% variance. The discipline applied towards RevOps has allowed us to apply a model with a large enough pipeline that we are highly accurate. Our board has said they run 30 portfolio companies, and they’ve never seen that level of consistency in the market.” 

– Greg Jones, CRO, Bizzdesign