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ayeQ Answers: What If?


As we begin this next fiscal year, you may be looking at last year’s sales performance and feeling some apprehension about your ability to hit this year’s bookings targets. The levers you can adjust include the size of your team, your conversion rates in sales stages, your deal size, your deal velocity, your lead flow and quality.

How will a change in performance in each of these areas affect your projected bookings? Which one will have the greatest impact? What does this tell you about where to focus your time and money?

With ayeQ’s RevOps modeling capability, you can instantly see the impact of adjusting any of these levers by various improvement percentages. This is how ayeQ helps sales and marketing leaders optimize the application of resources to grow faster.

ayeQ’s Pipeline Model gives you the ability to adjust your input parameters

The ayeQ Revops model allows you to input various win rate and stage conversion metrics, length of stage, average deal size, and bookings performance by quarter. Adjusting any of these metrics allows you to understand the impact on pipeline value and deal counts by time. Then ayeQ analytics shows you how your actual performance is tracking to the model. RevOps Modeling

ayeQ’s Pipeline Model includes Sales, Inside Sales and Marketing

The ayeQ Model extends to the qualification process and lead generation, allowing you to run What If scenarios on BDR effectiveness, marketing lead flow, and lead conversions. This tells you where you could focus marketing budget and right size your BDR team. RevOps Pipeline Size Targets

Find out how ayeQ give you the power to optimize resources. Request a RevOps consultation and take a test drive of our RevOps Model.

“I’ve missed 2 quarters out of 30, and our forecast accuracy has a ± 5% to 8% variance. The discipline applied towards RevOps has allowed us to apply a model with a large enough pipeline that we are highly accurate. Our board has said they run 30 portfolio companies, and they’ve never seen that level of consistency in the market.” 

– Greg Jones, CRO, Bizzdesign