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Meet Ayeq

Our Story

ayeQ began as a successful boutique consulting agency that helped both emerging and mature B2B technology companies grow faster. With a strategy to execute against, products packaged in a way prospects want to buy, great lead generation campaigns, metrics-based systems to optimize performance, and process that aligned the whole team, our clients experienced rapid growth – accelerating sales, building brand, gaining market share, and achieving predictable revenue. Throughout our consulting work, ayeQ: The Strategy Platform was concepted, built, and proven to give our clients enterprise-level marketing and sales expertise with an engine on which to execute strategy and optimize performance.

Today, ayeQ is a SaaS software company that defines a new market space: Strategy Automation. ayeQ brings together decades of successful methodologies and processes into a scalable platform and community that guides B2B companies towards creating and executing successful growth strategies.

Our Mission

To deliver a collaborative, data-driven platform that simplifies the creation, execution, and optimization of go-to-market strategy.

Our Vision

To empower the entrepreneurial mindset and simplify the path to growth for B2B technology companies.

Our Philosophy

To foster collaborative, cohesive teams by unifying them behind a clear strategy with actionable goals. We believe that when every team member can clearly see how they impact overall success, they become more engaged and more powerful.

Our Values

We Are Driven

We believe in purpose over profit.

We Are Focused

We believe we can do anything, but not everything.

We Are Humble

We know there’s always more to learn.

We Are Accountable

We do what we say we’re going to do.

We Are Present

We stay in the moment and make time for fun.

We Are a Team

We Work together. We succeed together. We take care of each other.

“I’ve had the dream of creating this platform from the moment I stepped into a marketing leadership role almost 20 years ago. As an engineer by training, I saw the science that underpinned marketing and sales, but I had to build the engine by hand for every marketing department I led. It wasn’t until I found the right team that we could make the dream a reality. Every member of our team is remarkable, and together we have built a remarkable company. We have fun every day, and we celebrate the accomplishments of our clients – because their results signify our success.”

Dana Marxer, MSEE, MBA ayeQ Founder and CEO

Leadership Team

We are a team of entrepreneurs, innovators, engineers, marketers, product managers, and sales professionals – all passionate about helping B2B organizations grow faster and smarter using Intelligent RevOps.

Dana Marxer, MSEE, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Kia Christopher

Chief Customer Officer

Erik Murphy

Chief Technology Officer

Jenny Keinath

Chief Operating Officer

Karim Lokas

Strategic Advisor

Scott Toney

Strategic Advisor

Fred Richards

Strategic Advisor

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