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5 Steps to Align Sales and Marketing – Part 3


All You Need Is 5 Steps to Align Sales and Marketing

The first two steps of aligning sales and marketing involved setting clear goals and defining and agreeing on a process. Each step of the sales and marketing alignment process builds on one another to ensure that the alignment is sustainable and not a fleeting moment where everyone gets along for a quarter. Step three is a natural and necessary progression of this alignment.

3. Monitor Performance.

When your qualification criteria become more visible, it will inevitably receive more scrutiny. But if you ratchet down your qualification criteria too tightly it will put the burden on marketing and inside sales teams. When this happens, you’ll see budgets increase and conversion rates from inquiry to qualified lead go down. But on the other hand, opening the criteria too loosely puts the burden on sales, and deal closure rates will go down and cost of sales will go up.

The answer to preventing this scenario is to find balance. When that happens, everyone wins. The right leads will get the attention from sales and your revenue engine will be getting the proper fuel mix.

Stay tuned for Step 4: Create a process of sustained communication among marketing and sales.

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