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5 Steps to Align Sales and Marketing – Part 5


All You Need Is 5 Steps to Align Sales and Marketing

This is the fifth and final installment of the five-part series on how to align sales and marketing. So far, we’ve covered setting goals, defining and agreeing on a process, monitoring performance and establishing sustained communication between sales and marketing. This week is the final step.

5. Win Together.

While it takes a concentrated effort, winning through collaboration is fun. It helps to sustain the alignment by finding opportunities to identify successes through the entire marketing and sales process. Announcements about big wins tend to focus on the sales team and those are well deserved. But when you have followed these steps and your departments are truly aligned, marketing deserves to be celebrated and recognized as part of the revenue engine as well. The more executives can bring their culture together in a team orientation, the more empowered their work force, the harder their employees will work, the more rewarded they will feel, and the longer they will stay.

So, for those that want to know how to get the most out of their sales and marketing operations, the answer is simple – align them.

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