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ayeQ Answers: Creating Bookings Predictability

Whether you are setting your bookings target for next year, or you are staring at the existing bookings target 2 quarters out, knowing whether you are going to hit it is even more important than hitting it. Why? Because your executive team depends on getting the projections correct and meeting the expectations of their Board and their shareholders. Creating bookings predictability in your quarterly bookings is far more valuable than to blow away your number in any particular quarter. You can get to this level of predictability using RevOps modeling and performance analytics from ayeQ.

ayeQ Models the Pipeline

ayeQ Revops models create a complete picture of what your pipeline needs to look like at any given time – adjusted for sales cycle time and annual growth. If your pipeline looks like this, and the model is correct, you will hit your bookings. RevOps Modeling

ayeQ Predicts Performance

If you are setting your annual targets, ayeQ predicts your bookings based on the ayeQ RevOps model and your current performance trends. If you want to exceed the prediction, ayeQ tells you where to invest to get there. RevOps Modeling If you are running your sales organization against a current model, ayeQ will give you early warnings of bookings risk, and prioritizes the areas of focus that will get you back on track. Creating bookings predictability Find out more about how ayeQ can create bookings predictability and help you hit your numbers every time.

“I’ve missed 2 quarters out of 30, and our forecast accuracy has a ± 5% to 8% variance. The discipline applied towards RevOps has allowed us to apply a model with a large enough pipeline that we are highly accurate. Our board has said they run 30 portfolio companies, and they’ve never seen that level of consistency in the market.” 

– Greg Jones, CRO, Bizzdesign